Beautifully rainy Seattle Sunday

Pike Market tasting roomToday was a beautiful day of full, heavy rain in Seattle. We spent it dodging tourist umbrellas at the Pike Place Market because we knew we needed to do something away from our work, the teens, and the house with the dangerous heaping piles of laundry that collected after the dryer went down earlier this week. Here are some of the fantastic moments today:

1. Finally walking into the Turkish Delight deli, meeting the owner, and trying her favorite flavors of Turkish Delight. They were good! We experienced a tiny bit of guilt for walking by her place for years and making Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe jokes about the name… but never stopping in.

2. We ate amazing tacos at a new little stand that popped up next to the fish monger with the big  crab tanks.

3. We bought groceries and chatted with all of our favorite vendors, including our favorite guys at Frank’s and BB Ranch (who said he would have done exactly what you guys did with Bacon, Chris and Jenni).

4. We sucked down little plastic shot glasses of weird flavored balsamic vinegars until the skin on our tongues roughed up. OK, maybe just I did that…

5. We had a great time trying a new little hole in the wall coffee shop in Post Alley near the Pike Senior Center and the gum wall. The coffee was amazingly good, almost as good as the Organic Espresso I sell (almost). They run ghost tours out of the shop, too.

6. The weather was so bad and the rain was so intense that we couldn’t see Elliott Bay beyond the railings at Victor Steinbrueck Park. It was as if the world ended right at the park edge.

7. We finished our adventure at the Tasting Room across the alley from the Pink Door — sipping wine, munching on Salumi, checking out the vintage pinup photos decorating the walls, watching the rain crash down on people walking by the window, talking about nothing in particular.

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