A Tale of Super Bowl Jello Shots

My post last week about the activity of my late cousin’s Facebook page got a lot of visits, but it really was somber. Let’s lighten the mood a little and talk about something more fun — JELLO SHOTS! I’ve never been a fan of these little turkeys (if you can’t even handle vodka straight, you shouldn’t drink) until I came across Jelly Shot Test Kitchen via the wonders of Pinterest a few years ago. The recipes all looked magnificent, but I zeroed in on one that I knew would suit my (low) skill set: the “Super Bowl” jello shots. The first time I made them was for a Mardi Gras dinner we hosted a few years ago, using yellow and green jello and dying the white part purple with food coloring. They were easy and GORGEOUS.


2014 Super Bowl Jello Shots. Nice work, Jen and Russell.

Then something miraculous happened January 2014 — the Seattle Seahawks went to the Super Bowl! Wha??? Never in my life did I imagine THAT happening! So I looked up the recipe for the Super Bowl Jello Shots again because I needed to actually make them for a Super Bowl party. Blow me away! The jello turned out beautiful again and everyone loved them. Huge hit and we crushed the Broncos. Nice.

It was a foregone conclusion that I was making these jello shots again for Super Bowl 2015, when we were also confident that the Hawks would crush the cheating Deflategate Patriots. The game was in the bag, as were the jello shots.

This time I decided to bask in my jello shot glory and take pics as I made them so I could share the magic here. After all, what could go wrong? I’m going Beast Mode on these jello shots in honor of Beast Mode.

Everything started as normal:


The two different colors turned out perfect and stiff (as they are supposed to).


They came out of the glass dishes in great little cubes with very little breakage.


The two different colored cubes mixed evenly in the pan to create a nice uniform pattern.


Oh, right there! Did you see that? The instructions call for letting the milk gelatin cool to room temperature in the pot. My husband had the brilliant idea of speeding up the cooling by placing the pot on a bag of ice and stirring. I thought it sounded like an ok idea ~ who am I judge his cooking skills, even if I had made these jello shots a number of times before? We are almost to the end of the game and all we have to do it hand the ball to Beast Mode to get it over the 1-yard line for the win. Jello victory is within our grasp!

I noticed that there were little “chunkies” in the milk part as I poured it over the cubes. Uh oh. Checking the concoction after an hour in the frig proved that it was still liquid with the cubes floating in it and those little chunkies of gelatin. Checked back a few more hours… still liquid with chunkies.

We woke up the next morning super excited for the big game, checked the jello shot pan, and… still liquid with chunkies. The milk part had not set up at all and the cubes were just floating around in it! Instead of following our tried and true methods, we tried to pass the ball on the 1-yard line and were intercepted. Crap!

Making jello shot isn’t a real football game, though, and we attempted a last minute save.

IMG_0012 IMG_0014

The husband drained the milk part off of the cubes in a sieve over the sink. Please, baby cubes, please don’t break up! You are where the vodka lives. I ran to the store to get another can of condensed milk and remade the binder part. I used less liquid and MORE gelatin with the hope of making it stronger and/or getting it to set up more quickly. After a few hours in the frig at our house and another two hours in our friends’ frig, they turned out OK. A little sloppy and loose but… well, meh.


Certainly not as impressive as last year but they were edible. Bummer.

But not as much of a bummer as this:


Thank you, P & M, for hosting us this year!

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