Life Adjustment #1: Grocery Shopping


No more stocking the frig with this sugary stuff.

Without going into too much detail of the hows, whys, and whens of suddenly being empty nesters (saw it coming but not that fast), I am comfortable enough to share with all of you, Gentle Readers, that I went grocery shopping Sunday afternoon and had a pickle of a time. The last time I went to the grocery store to shop for just the two of us — no expectations of anyone else coming into the house to partake of any groceries or various sundries — we were 27 and 24. The Husband could eat wheat products (well, it turns out he really couldn’t… we just didn’t know for another 14 years). We ate grown-up food exactly as we liked. We bought household items appropriate for grown-ups. We bought beer. A lot of beer.


The cereal aisle will no longer be a required stop.

Fast forward to 2015, the kitchen and pantry have been empty for a few months when I decided we needed to starve The Kid out of the house. Last Sunday afternoon was my first chance to replenish a food supply that would look more normal than the few cans of Thai-style coconut milk and large Cash-n-Carry sized jugs of vinegar that are there now.

But I couldn’t figure out what to buy. I walked up and down each aisle trying to remember… and getting verklempt when realizing I no longer needed this aisle, that aisle, the sections over here or over there.


Luckily I haven’t bought these in years… but they did make me feel weepy for the three year-old I miss.

I realized that in the last few years having a teenage boy in the house (and for some of that time, two teenage boys in the house) meant that I shopped with the only goal of stocking the frig and pantry as full as I could and keep it to under $150 per week. Lots of cereals (4 for $10? Yes). Lots of “yogurts” (10 for $5? Yes). Lots of lunch meats (2 for $5? Yes). And so on. No more! But then… what do we eat now that it’s just the two of us?

In the end, I returned home with nothing but ice cream and club soda. I was at a loss.

The Husband asked me why I didn’t really buy any food. I asked him to tell me what he would have bought had he been the shopper. He couldn’t answer either.

Yes, this is a brave new world! We have to relearn how to shop and eat.

However, I did discover this: with The Husband gluten free and The Kid out of the house… I can buy beer again and not worry about anyone drinking it. As the great philosopher Shangela would say, “Halleloo.”


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