Lost Child Found… guess how this story ends

As soon as I put it out there to the world that my child was lost in the woods of South Dakota with no cell phone coverage, he emerged from the woods with a single text message:

A simple That single word — “hey” — lifted my spirits and fed my soul in ways that nothing else could on Monday. “Hey” he’s ok. “Hey” he made it safely into the woods and back out again. “Hey” he is reachable again. “Hey” he didn’t lose his phone.

He actually made a voice call to me about an hour later. It was so wonderful hearing his voice! Even if the words themselves were not exactly music to my ears.

Ziggy Stardust“I’m not coming back to Seattle. I’m driving to Vermont with my new brothers, Ziggy and Stardust, and we’re going to get cheap $40 standby tickets to fly to Europe.” 


“I’m going to bum around Europe and see if I can live there and work.”


On the second day~

“Mom, I can’t believe this but I was just denied entry into Canada! Those @%^&.” 

No CanadaExcuse me? Why Canada and why were you denied entry?

“We can fly to Europe super cheap from Montreal, but border patrol wouldn’t let me through because apparently I don’t have a good enough plan.”

Huh. Seems to me you really don’t have any plan. I don’t blame them.

“Can you buy me a ticket to Amsterdam from Montreal then they will let me in?”

Yeah. Um… no.

Thirty minutes later~

“I got stopped by US border patrol! They made us pull over and they searched the car! This is BS!”

Did they find anything? Are you in trouble?

“No! They pulled us over because we’re young and Ziggy has dark skin.”

Uh, they probably watched you dudes get denied crossing by the Canadians. Just a thought.

Later still~

chandler_oleary_50states_massachusetts“We are driving to Massachusetts because that’s where Stardust is from. Are there any good towns in Massachusetts?”

Dude. How about Boston?

“Oh Boston is there? Yeah, ok.”

Hey kid, going to Boston and checking it out is a good idea. You will probably like it. Maybe stop there and work for a while.

“Sounds good. I have almost $600 still so I’m good.”

Great. Have fun.

Still later again, and this time when I only have 15 minutes to finish paperwork for the day before hitting I-5 for a Seafair event~

flight-tracking-Europe“Mom, I need you to get online and buy me a one-way ticket to anywhere in Europe from anywhere on the east coast.”

Really? Any departure city, arrival city, or, and this is an important part, any clue what you are doing?

So I texted him the link to Kayak and called it good.

On the third day (today)~

“Mom, I need money. I’m flying from LaGuardia to Munich on Sunday and I only have $30 left.”

When is your return flight? How long will you be there?

“I didn’t get a round-trip ticket.”

Sorry, wrong number.


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