Bringing Closure to Coffee Life, Part 2: Uh, Yeah, That Just Happened

Crazy things happened. The learning moments were real, man!


This is Reid:


Hey Reid!

This is Reid covered in fire extinguisher particles. Foam? Sand? What is that crap?


Artist rendition.

I will never forget the visual of my poor colleague pulling up in the parking lot, plumes of some sort of junk coming out of both windows like a Cheech & Chong movie, and cheech-chong-oReid immediately jumping out of the drivers side coughing and gagging. The fire extinguisher had gone off in the back of the truck and released EVERY. OUNCE. of its contents inside the van and all over the product to be delivered. It was so thick on the dashboard of the van that I could write in it with my finger.  I ran into the PCC at which we were meeting and bought bottled water that I then dumped on him (and then had to wash myself with… that junk was everywhere!). What is that stuff? Seriously — what is it?

Other stuff happened… but by the end of the day I found myself climbing very tall ladders delivering cases while wearing my cute little black dress and heels, so I could hopefully get straight to the Seafair Commodores Princess Banquet at Salty’s that night… slightly disheveled and smelling faintly like fire extinguisher stuff. Fun times.


trunk 2

Just a typical extra load for the groceries the week of Thanksgiving.

You heard me right. It requires taking the wholesale bags out of the boxes and sliding them into every nook and cranny of the car, then re-taping the boxes and re-packing the bags into the boxes at the destination for delivery.


Another day, another trunk that smells like coffee.


All cat owners know deep down that this is true. She knocked over cups of water onto my work phone while it charged overnight more than once. The bag of rice trick works. The bag of rice trick works better if you are careful not to spill the stupid baggie in your car while you struggle to get the phone out to answer it. It took weeks to pick the grains of rice out of the seat, carpet, space where the gear shifter is. I may not have removed ALL of it before trading the car in. That poor Hyundai took a beating in the short 18 months I drove it (almost 44,000 miles).

car rice

Oh look, Brian called.

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