Bringing Closure to Coffee Life, Part 3: Road Warrior Princess No More

I’m the person whose car broke down on the first day of the job.

road warrior 1Seriously. Broke down. Like broke down and never even made it to the office on my first official day.

Luckily, I had just met with my new boss for about 90 minutes at a cafe that is right between us (hello and much love to you, Cafe Aroma!), so he at least knew I was real and not faking the breakdown.

I’m scooting along up I-5, blasting the Gorillaz Plastic Beach (which I remember clearly because I’ve had a difficult time listening to it since), when suddenly the water temp road warrior 2gauge shoots up and all of the warning lights start flashing at me. What the what-what??? Our trusty beloved 2004 Camry had never given us a day of trouble and I just had the fluids changed and everything checked the day before, knowing that the new position required a LOT of driving (I would learn exactly how much in the coming months).


On the road to Yakima

So there I was, sitting on the shoulder on I-5 directly parallel with the Tulalip Casino, waiting for the tow truck dispatched by AAA. The initial thought was that the guys didn’t replace the plug on the radiator the day before. Nope. Turns out there was a manufacture flaw that we had not heard of that caused THE BLOCK TO SEPARATE. Even though we didn’t get the recall notice, Toyota refused to cover the $3,000+ transmission repair costs because the car had more than 100,000 miles on it (barely). It sucked… and it should have been a sign.

Even though we spent all of our savings getting the Camry fixed, I developed serious trust issues and purchased a “disposable” car to get through the road warrioring. I put 44,000 miles on it in 18 months — it was a good car and faithfully whisked me around the gorgeous State of Washington to visit customers, make deliveries, and develop new business.


Waiting for the Whidbey Island ferry to Port Townsend

ocean shores

Ocean Shores


Trying to get a good shot crossing Deception Pass bridge by sticking my hand up through the sunroof… and this is what I caught.


Snohomish County swans?


After a very long day of driving.

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