About Jen

I have been flirting with blogging for a very long time but was always left with the question: “what do I really have to say?” I have come to realize that my problem is not that I don’t have anything to say, but rather that I have too much to say. Life is a transition at the moment and my paradigms are shifting: the teen is transitioning to adulthood, the marriage is transitioning to empty-nest status elliot graduation(what do you mean it’s no longer 1995?), and the career is in the last stages of transition from academia. Tag along as I figure out how to be a crafty bitch (always out of necessity, never out of impulse), work on transforming parts of our 1930s farmhouse, and figure out what to cook and what to drink as we winnow down to two. And I will be sharing what is on my mind… most likely quite a bit. Sorry.

My life is not idylic or glamorous. My house is a mess. My teen is typical. My husband works too much. My dog suffers terrible seizures. My yard is dead. My photos will probably all be from my iPhone. I will swear occasionally. If you are looking for yet another pastel-colored perfect-mommy blog, you may wish to move along.


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