A Tale of Super Bowl Jello Shots

My post last week about the activity of my late cousin’s Facebook page got a lot of visits, but it really was somber. Let’s lighten the mood a little and talk about something more fun — JELLO SHOTS! I’ve never been a fan of these little turkeys (if you can’t even handle vodka straight, you shouldn’t drink) until I came across Jelly Shot Test Kitchen┬ávia the wonders of Pinterest a few years ago. The recipes all looked magnificent, but I zeroed in on one that I knew would suit my (low) skill set: the “Super Bowl” jello shots. The first time I made them was for a Mardi Gras dinner we hosted a few years ago, using yellow and green jello and dying the white part purple with food coloring. They were easy and GORGEOUS.


2014 Super Bowl Jello Shots. Nice work, Jen and Russell.

Then something miraculous happened January 2014 — the Seattle Seahawks went to the Super Bowl! Wha??? Never in my life did I imagine THAT happening! So I looked up the recipe for the Super Bowl Jello Shots again because I needed to actually make them for a Super Bowl party. Blow me away! The jello turned out beautiful again and everyone loved them. Huge hit and we crushed the Broncos. Nice.

It was a foregone conclusion that I was making these jello shots again for Super Bowl 2015, when we were also confident that the Hawks would crush the cheating Deflategate Patriots. The game was in the bag, as were the jello shots. Continue reading