The unthinkable keeps happening, over and over…

The rampant, random, unexpected mass gun violence is happening with regularity now. I am like most everyone else with a heart and a head… I just don’t know what to say anymore, especially since they seem to be happening every few months (or weeks). It seems that each instance shocks us to our cores, but then we are emotionally rebounding more quickly each time. We are becoming jaded. We are becoming blase. I read a quote earlier today that said something along the lines of “the war on gun violence was lost when Americans decided the deaths of young children were bearable” (source unknown, but tell me if you have it). That’s bleak. That’s probably true. Continue reading

Bringing Closure to Coffee Life, Part 3: Road Warrior Princess No More

I’m the person whose car broke down on the first day of the job.

road warrior 1Seriously. Broke down. Like broke down and never even made it to the office on my first official day.

Luckily, I had just met with my new boss for about 90 minutes at a cafe that is right between us (hello and much love to you, Cafe Aroma!), so he at least knew I was real and not faking the breakdown.

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Bringing Closure to the Pro Coffee Life, Part 1: Making Iced Coffee the Hard Way

My replacement in training. I hope he can get good insurance coverage since he can't quite reach the pedals in the car.

My replacement in training. I hope he can get good insurance coverage since he can’t quite reach the pedals in the car.

Last week I closed my professional chapter in the specialty coffee industry and set my sails back to publishing/communications (focusing on Pacific NW sailing/maritime and with the NICEST TEAM! ~ more details to come). This is a change I needed to make, and moving into such a wonderful new situation helped make the transition easier; however, I feel like I need to take a moment to reflect and bring closure to what was a great two+ years. I didn’t have much of a chance to reflect with my colleagues since I was based over 60 miles south of the main office and roasting facilities, and the “going away party” I threw for myself (I brought pizzas into the office) was cut short by a last-minute meeting back in Seattle. To make up for that lost time with them, I thought I would share some of it here in installments. Feel free to chime in, coffee family! Continue reading

So let me explain days 1, 2, and 3 of the June Photo Challenge…

My participation in the June Photo Challenge started with a whimper due to falling ill. I don’t mean ill as in *sniff sniff.* I don’t mean ill as in “can someone bring me some soup and wipe my nose for me?” I mean ill as in someone came into the room where I was sleeping and punched me repeatedly in the chest, then rested a full keg of beer on my rib cage until I woke up from the pain ill.


Seattle Seafair Commodores ready for the Portland Starlight Parade, 5/30/15.

It hit me suddenly and without warning: Saturday I was representing Seattle and Seafair with the Seafair Commodores in the Portland Starlight Parade (you can see us at 14:38 in this video; I’m on the other side of the boat, but look carefully and you can see my hand). I was on my feet for hours, had sushi for early dinner, had only one cocktail (in very pretty glassware), drank a lot of water because it was hot, danced briefly with some drunk people at the beginning of the parade route, high-fived hundreds of children, and walked-walked-walked. It was long and exhausting but I felt totally fine at the end, if not a little thirsty (again, it was hot). We were all staying at a huge farm 20 minutes north of downtown, and we sat around a campfire until about 2:00 am, chatting and laughing. Unfortunately, I was wide awake at 8:00 am because of the pain — my esophagus felt like it was on fire, but I thought getting up, drinking more water, popping some tums, and eating breakfast would fix it. Continue reading

June 2015 Photo Challenge ~

I used to participate in monthly photo challenges a while ago, which I loved as a way to create a tiny bit of space for creativity and reflection in my otherwise crazed work life. It started with just one other friend (Jessica) and we used Pinterest to post and share. Then other friends wanted to join and the endeavor moved to Facebook. More and more friends invited other friends for future challenges… and that’s where it started to breakdown, in my mind. Too large, too unmanageable, too many people taking photos off the internet or sharing photos that already existed (it’s a daily smartphone photo challenge, people!). Continue reading

In Memoriam in the age of Facebook

The infamous Spaghetti Factory birthday dinner.

The infamous Spaghetti Factory birthday dinner.

Today would have been my cousin Tami‘s 43rd birthday. I try not to dwell on the what-could-have-beens, or the sad realization that her longest-running and goofiest retort in any argument (“I’m two months older than you so there”) was no longer true as of my birthday last year. I have been thinking about her a LOT lately… but not reminiscing much with others. I was hoping to go to her favorite restaurant Spaghetti Factory to at least relive her through a plate of myzithra pasta, but the kid had a date tonight and the (gluten-intolerant) husband worked very late. Alas and alack. I only got to replay in my mind the last time she and I went there, for her 39th birthday, and she made the waitress cry by insisting she was going to be dead within a month and that was her very last birthday dinner. Oooh, thank you for the double spumoni ice cream! (For the record, Tami loved to tell people this to see their reactions, and she celebrated birthdays #40 and 41, too. Poor waitress. My kid just sat there rolling his eyes.) Continue reading

A Seattle native’s thoughts on Ron Judd’s “Seattle natives” essay

Image from Seattle TimesI’m sure those of you in the Seattle area have read the Ron Judd “primer for figuring out the Northwest native,” even though probably no one reads the Seattle Times any more. I must have seen it shared on my Facebook feed at least a dozen times the day it came out. The first time I saw it, I only had time to read the first paragraph or two, thought it looked promising enough, and clicked “like” on my friend’s page.

I’m glad I didn’t share it, though, because … and I can’t believe I’m writing this considering how much of a proud daughter of Seattle I am … I disagree with you, Ron. You’re coming off sounding pompous and elitist, Ron, and I can’t get on board with you. Continue reading

Where to start?

I used to be a writer. I used to study writing. I used to teach writing. I used to study the teaching of writing. I used to teach how to study writing.

highway_sign_writers_block_1782975I re-booted this blog over a month ago but haven’t posted anything yet. I still have not written. I’m out of practice. I don’t know where to start.

And, ironically, I used to coach university students on how to break through their blocks. I just need to remember what I told them.

Oh geez, what did I tell them?