June 2015 Photo Challenge ~

I used to participate in monthly photo challenges a while ago, which I loved as a way to create a tiny bit of space for creativity and reflection in my otherwise crazed work life. It started with just one other friend (Jessica) and we used Pinterest to post and share. Then other friends wanted to join and the endeavor moved to Facebook. More and more friends invited other friends for future challenges… and that’s where it started to breakdown, in my mind. Too large, too unmanageable, too many people taking photos off the internet or sharing photos that already existed (it’s a daily smartphone photo challenge, people!). Continue reading

La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty)


I don’t get to see many films, especially films in the movie theater. No time. No stomach for the prices. No patience for bad art. So
I’m not sure what possessed me two weeks ago when I informed my husband that we were going to see a film about which we knew nothing at our local cheapo second-run theater. It was an Italian art house-y film and all I knew was the title … sort of (“the title is similar to Life is Beautiful, except I don’t think it’s a WWII movie”). I also knew that I did NOT want to give another Friday night to what I was afraid was becoming a pattern — sitting at my computer and working on contact notes until I dozed off with my finger pads on the keyboard, only to be interrupted by the jarring bolt of noise created by the timer on the clothes dryer. No thank you! I was going to this $3 art house movie with or without him, and if the movie turned out to be a stinker at least I could nap without being interrupted by the dryer buzzer.

Nap I did not. Continue reading