Bringing Closure to Coffee Life, Part 3: Road Warrior Princess No More

I’m the person whose car broke down on the first day of the job.

road warrior 1Seriously. Broke down. Like broke down and never even made it to the office on my first official day.

Luckily, I had just met with my new boss for about 90 minutes at a cafe that is right between us (hello and much love to you, Cafe Aroma!), so he at least knew I was real and not faking the breakdown.

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Bringing Closure to the Pro Coffee Life, Part 1: Making Iced Coffee the Hard Way

My replacement in training. I hope he can get good insurance coverage since he can't quite reach the pedals in the car.

My replacement in training. I hope he can get good insurance coverage since he can’t quite reach the pedals in the car.

Last week I closed my professional chapter in the specialty coffee industry and set my sails back to publishing/communications (focusing on Pacific NW sailing/maritime and with the NICEST TEAM! ~ more details to come). This is a change I needed to make, and moving into such a wonderful new situation helped make the transition easier; however, I feel like I need to take a moment to reflect and bring closure to what was a great two+ years. I didn’t have much of a chance to reflect with my colleagues since I was based over 60 miles south of the main office and roasting facilities, and the “going away party” I threw for myself (I brought pizzas into the office) was cut short by a last-minute meeting back in Seattle. To make up for that lost time with them, I thought I would share some of it here in installments. Feel free to chime in, coffee family! Continue reading

Super Bowl Coffee-Infused Vodka — Procrastinator Experiments

The Seattle Seahawks’ win over Green Bay last week stunned the nation — but probably no group more than the 12th Man Nation. We have been in this crazy, “pinch me” daze for over a week now. And now we are down to TWO DAYS before we face off with Deflate-gate Patriots in Arizona. GO HAWKS!

Wait… two days? Oh no! The big game day has really snuck up on me, as I’m sure it has many of you, and I didn’t leave IMG_8806[1]myself enough time to prep a batch of coffee vodka using the “tradition method” for the Super Bowl, which takes four or five days. If you have that much time, all you need is a glass jar with a tight fitting lid, your favorite Fidalgo Bay coffee beans, sugar, and vodka.

Crack/break/smash the beans so that they are very large chunks. I use a zipper bag and a heavy saucepan.

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